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While prescription medications can assist users in their recovery from serious injury and illness, dangerous or defective drugs cause unnecessary suffering, permanent injury, disability and death.

Pharmaceutical companies have substantial financial resources that allow them access to the best lawyers money can buy. One individual of limited means and experience needs a team of attorneys like Watts Guerra LLP. Our law firm has the necessary resources to make your case a formidable one. We have a team of 23 experienced trial lawyers and a medical doctor on staff, so you can trust that our evaluation of your case will be made with knowledge most law firms cannot provide. You can trust that your case will be personally handled by several of the best defective drug attorneys that the legal world has to offer.

Pharmaceutical Mass Tort Lawsuits

Pharmaceutical injuries tend to affect multiple people in the same way. Therefore, lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies are often handled in a type of lawsuit called a "mass tort".

A mass tort happens multiple cases are brought together in a single court and evidence is shared between the cases. Mass torts are often confused with class action lawsuits, but they are actually very different. In class actions, a large number of plaintiffs are all given the same judgment; in mass torts each individual case is valued.

Experienced Pharmaceutical Mass Tort Attorneys

Our firm has handled litigation against some of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world. We have successfully pursued cases against many of the major drug companies. In many cases, we have led the way in aggressively pursuing the manufacturers of dangerous drugs. For example, founding partner Mikal Watts litigated and won the only successful Levaquin trial in the country.

As a national leader in plaintiffs’ personal injury trial law, Watts Guerra LLP has taken on the manufacturers of defective pharmaceuticals, surgical implants and medical devices. We have obtained some of the largest and most well known results in American legal history for our clients. From our offices throughout Texas, we serve hundreds of thousands of clients nationwide.

If you were injured, or a loved one died as a result of a dangerous and defective medication, our personal injury trial attorneys can help you seek the financial compensation you deserve. Contact Watts Guerra LLP today by completing the form to your right, by emailing, or by calling us at 1(800)796-9605.

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Mikal C. Watts

Mikal C. Watts Mikal C. Watts is one of the most successful pharmaceutical lawyers in the country. He has handled many mass torts, including Ortho-Evra, Vioxx, Fen Phen, Rezulin, Zyprexa, and Sulzer hip implants. Mr. Watts leads a team of successful trial lawyers who handle pharmaceutical product liability cases across the country.
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