Is Actos Safe?

Actos is a diabetes maintenance drug in a class of medications called thiazolidinediones.

The patient and their doctor must answer the question 'is Actos safe to take'. However, long-term users of diabetes drugs should know that studies have shown Actos can cause or exacerbate the symptoms of congestive heart failure. The risk is large enough for the FDA to issue a Black Box Warning regarding the potential for harm to the heart.

Additional concern has grown over the risk Actos poses for bladder cancer in its users, particularly for patients who have taken the drug for many years or at high doses.

Studies Show Actos is Not Safe, Increases Risk for Bladder Cancer

Based upon studies in France, which suggest an increased risk of bladder cancer in Actos patients, France has suspended the use of the drug. In fact, both Germany and France determined that Actos is so unsafe, these two countries removed it from the market. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has only warned users that Actos may increase the risk of developing bladder cancer. The increased risk of bladder cancer has been added to the Actos label, but the dangerous diabetes drug remains on the market in the United States.

If you are taking Actos then it is important to talk to your physician about the new warning and to recognize the potential symptoms of bladder cancer so that you can promptly report any concerns to your doctor.

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The number of Actos lawsuits is increasing as more people become aware of the drug’s link to bladder cancer. If you or a loved one feel that your use of Actos caused or contributed to the development of bladder cancer, or other side effects, please complete the form on the right for a free case evaluation with an Actos bladder cancer attorney, email us at, or call us at 1-800-796-9605.

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