NuvaRing Lawyers Work on Contingency Basis

If you used NuvaRing and blood clots, or other serious side effects developed, you are wise to consult a lawyer as quickly as possible. NuvaRing lawyers generally provide free consultations and take cases with valid claims on a contingency basis. That means you only pay if we are able to obtain compensation on your behalf. Not every attorney, however, can provide the representation you need for a successful claim.

Your NuvaRing Lawyer Needs Experience & Resources

When searching for NuvaRing lawyers, you will want to find one experienced with handling mass tort claims and pharmaceutical litigation. The lawyer needs to have the resources necessary to hire the best experts, investigate claims and gather evidence, build a strong case and pursue a claim against a powerful manufacturer such as Merck. Your case is too important to trust it to a lawyer without the experience and resources to properly handle a case of this magnitude and complexity.

NuvaRing Lawyers of Watts Guerra LLP

The lawyers of Watts Guerra LLP are currently accepting new NuvaRing lawsuits. With 26 of the best lawyers in their respective areas of practice, including one of the most successful pharmaceutical lawyers in the country, and the resources to invest millions of dollars to fight the world’s largest corporations, our firm is in the position to provide the level of legal representation you need.

Our lawyers care about people and passionately represent consumers harmed by dangerous products, including pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. They believe manufacturers should be held responsible when their products harm consumers, and they have successfully represent clients against some of the largest manufacturers, winning significant recoveries for their clients.

If you suffered serious side effects of the NuvaRing, or a family member died as a result of using the contraceptive device, we are here to help. Contact our firm now for a free case review with one of our leading NuvaRing lawyers.

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Mikal C. Watts Mikal C. Watts is one of the most successful pharmaceutical lawyers in the country. He has handled many mass torts, including Ortho-Evra, Vioxx, Fen Phen, Rezulin, Zyprexa, and Sulzer hip implants. Mr. Watts leads a team of successful trial lawyers who handle pharmaceutical product liability cases across the country.
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